Touch Screen mobile Disadvantages

Touch Screen mobile Disadvantages

Mobile Disadvantages, Smartphones have definitely revolutionized the way we have been interacting with technology for the past decade. They were initially just simple mobile phone with camera which has slowly evolved to touch screen.

We use the touch screen to do various things from messaging to video playing to navigating the internet browser. The touch screen is a part of our daily life because we use it almost every day. It may seem as if these touch screens are perfect and we can do every task without even having to use our hands.

But while the touch screen has been revolutionizing the way we interact with technology, it has also brought several downsides in the process. These touch screen disadvantages are what you need to know about as well as how to deal with them.

Touch screens are great but they have disadvantages

1. Touch Screens take time to learn

Some apps will be a bit easier to operate than others. Also, we need to learn how to use the app or program in the touch screen device. For example, a camera app can be used to take a picture on a normal camera, but to use it on the touch screen, you will need to be careful and operate it more effectively.

2. Touch Screens are expensive

Touch screen technology and devices are expensive and touch screens are not that easy to learn. And if you’re like most of us, then you’ll have to invest in your first screen. But the good news is that  and desktop technology is evolving and you can expect them to be easier to use and even cheaper in the future. Touch screens are an integral part of our daily lives, so we cannot do without them for long. But since you’ll have to pay a lot for the product, I advise you to stick to the more standard touch screens.

3. It is a waste of your money

Many apps require expensive programs for the device, but you’ll have to pay the price for those. You can also avoid paying those prices by opting for the Android smartphone with a touch screen. This is because as you are aware of the Android smartphone and its amazing features and quality, so you wouldn’t need to spend an extra dime on installing apps for one of its functions,

4. Touch Screens take time to recharge

And most of the time our smartphones are not very energy-efficient and require a lot of power to run them. You will need to replace batteries about every time you’re not using it. There are some people who don’t charge their phones. They just switch off the power and put it in a bag.

5. Touch Screen cannot be put everywhere

Just as our smartphones have become part of our lives, our fingers have become a part of us. We cannot operate a without using our fingers and you cannot put your finger everywhere there is a touch screen. There are plenty of ways to use a screen on a bigger screen, but that is not the case with the touch screen on smartphones. So you will have to limit the use of the touch screen and the places where you can put it.

6. Touch Screen are easily damaged

The surface that is made to interact using a finger and your hand is fragile. Like I have noted earlier, you are using your finger to operate a touch screen so that will bring harm to your fingertips and your hand. Not only that, you are placing your finger into those machines and it can be in contact with a lot of people or substances over a period of time.

Large screens do help users when watching videos though.
Smaller screens give a better user experience; they provide more room to hold all of the applications and software that users require.

The smaller screens allow the user to access all of the apps and software on the phone without having to use another hand or scroll up or down to view information.
Phone usage requires less of the hand, but for some tasks using a small phone…

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